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BRY is BACK!! I was BEYOND excited that, given the climate of our world, you were still interested in retreats. Our October Retreat is SOLD OUT. Don't worry, we've got another one on the books - mark your calendars! 

LOVE YOURSELF FIRST IN PALM SPRINGS: Wednesday Feb 3rd - Sun Feb 7th, 2021.

The overarching idea was to create a unique retreat experience.. One that is filled with lots of yoga, introspection, and meditation.. but that also makes healing feel soft and easy.

The desire is offer you a beautiful location to relax in - a place for you to connect to your incredible soul. I truly want you to walk away feeling pampered and special, yet empowered to take on your life on in a brand new way.

BONUS.. if you are a 200 RYT yoga instructor, you'll always have the option to walk away with a Yoga-Alliance Approved continued-ed certificate in your hand.

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BRY was such a wonderful weekend of self-reflection in an open and supportive environment. As a complete meditation newbie, I was intimidated going in but had always been interested to learn more. I think I got just as much out of it as those who had been doing yoga and meditation for years - it really spoke to each of us and met us where we were at. I also feel like we've come out of it with a fantastic group of new friends! Truly a unique experience that I am so happy to have been a part of!

- Jamie E.



Katy and Brooke

Katy has been leading retreats for 5 years now. She started her retreat journey through CorePower Yoga and Spa in 2015, went out on her own for a few years, and then launched Best Retreat Yet in 2020 with friend and co-worker, Sara. 
For our October retreat, we welcome Brooke Ronney! Brooke attended our March BRY in Joshua Tree, but had been working side by side with Katy for a 13 week teacher training program for the previous four months. Katy was blown away by Brooke's loving soul, artfully executed yoga classes, and incredible ability to facilitate a group of humans with her entire heart.
Welcome Brooke!! The next group of BRY humans will be lucky to have you!


Because, what's a retreat without it?

We believe that the best way to start the day is always with yoga. Each day, we'll offer you a custom-built sequence based off the needs and energy of the group. Some days it may be a powerful flow, some days gentle -maybe even a little buti yoga if we're feeling spicy.



We'll guide you, and set you up to practice at home.

We know that meditation can be daunting if you're new to the game, so we work hard to make sure that what we teach is accessible to newbies. 
However, if you're already a yoga instructor, we want you to have a new credential - so our retreats double as a 50 hour, Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training program. 
That's right you'll be dubbed a Meditation Instructor on the other side of a BEST RETREAT YET.


It's all about inspirational travel.

While the majority weekend is all about tucking away in an oasis chosen specifically for its luxe accommodations, it's important to enjoy the locations our homes have been chosen in. Whether it's an outing to do yoga in a park or a trip into town for some sight-seeing, every location is chosen with care - and meant to be enjoyed!



Life is all about the extras!

We want you to learn and have fun during our weekend, but we know that it's the in-between moments that hold a lot of weight.
That's why we create delicious, healthy, home-made meal, we explore the locations that we've chosen and add in fun activities, like turning crystals into jewelry or pendulums.
You might even find yourself in a custom-made face-mask (not the Covid-kind, thank goodness).

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